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Web3 setup

We’re working on an onboarding plugin, but as of now you will need three things to use Gov:

  • MetaMask installed
  • Optimism added to your MetaMask
  • A handful of Optimism ETH


Tally is MetaMask-only for now, so you have to have it installed if you want to interact with your DAO, meaning submitting proposals and vote.

Go to MetaMask official website, download and install it.

It is recommended to back up your MetaMask, so just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.


Tally supports several different networks, but as of now Gov only supports Optimism so you can use Chainlist, click on ‘Add to MetaMask’ and that’s it: you’re on Optimism!

ETH on Optimism

To interact with your DAO, you’re going to need a handful of Optimism ETH. For example casting a vote costs less than 1 cent, but you still need to pay for this yourself. If you already have some ETH, you can use the bridge. If you don’t have ETH yet, you can buy ‘ETH on Optimism’ via services like Ramp, Transak or Moonpay.

If you’re not confortable with these things, feel very free to contact Julien directly via Element, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or LinkedIn.

Why do you need MetaMask?

MetaMask helps you remain in control of your crypto-assets, including your DAO membership NFT. It is important because you don’t want anyone else to use your NFT. You don’t need to trust neither Gov nor Tally: you have a direct relationship with the other members of your DAO.

Other networks

You can find the full list of networks supported by Tally in their docs.