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We’ll want to run a series of pilots, the W3HC (Web3 Hackers Collective) is one of them. The goal is to test things IRL and answer this question:

“Does using a DAO improves anything at all?”

We would bet the answer is “yes”, but we need to show everyone that using a DAO means an objective net benefit for the community. Do people participate in the votes? Do people get significantly more funding? Are contributors actually incentivized to take action?


For each DAO, here are the metrics we’ll be tracking:

  • Overall participation rate
  • Total number of proposals
  • Total number of hypercerts issued
  • Total cashflow per week


For each of the use cases presented below, we will accompany one group in the process of deploying its own DAO. We’ll make a symbolic donation, follow up with each proposal.

Here are the communities that we want to work with in priority:

  • Collectives
  • Neighborhoods
  • Commons stewardship
  • Classic orgs
  • City halls participatory budget

There are a lot of other contexts where creating a DAO could make a lot of sense. Don’t be shy! Let’s talk about your ideas.

If you’re ready to experiment with us, please contact Julien directly via Element, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or LinkedIn.