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You have to be a member to submit a proposal (default config). This can be configured differently: if you set the proposal threshold to 0, anyone can submit a proposal.

As you submit your proposal, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Is it coherent with the overall objective of the DAO?
  • Does it meet one of the criteria described in the DAO Manifesto?
  • Can you prove what you’re saying?
  • Is the requested amount reasonable in regard to the current state of the DAO treasury?
  • What’s the expected impact of your action?

A good proposal should be as much documented as possible to make it easy for the DAO members to verify things. It is recommended to attach videos, press articles, photos, testimonials, invoices, etc.

Lifecycle of a proposal

  • Discuss about a given idea/proposal
    • Discussion between the beneficiary and the members/evaluators
    • Learn more about the DAO objective and how to attain it
  • Take action on the ground
  • Gather proofs of what you’ve done
    • As many as possible
    • You’d have to advance the money (you can be confident to do that because of the previous discussions with the members)
  • Submit your proposal
    • The members/auditors take the time to verify
  • The members vote
  • Receive the money (in case the proposal passes)