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  • Refactoring
  • pnpm support
  • automatic verification
  • hardhat-deploy
  • Ethersjs v6
  • SBT (non-transferable NFT) by default
  • Timestamp-based by default
  • Gov UI finalised
  • Gov Deployer refactored ( support)


  • Fixed the quorum calculation issue
  • Added setManifesto() in Gov.sol
  • Added the 1st version of Vault + Hypercerts plugins
  • Created legal contract to add to the manifesto
  • Added comments in Gov and NFT
  • Added proposal upload script
  • Added tests for nft delegation
  • Added scalability test


  • Added Manifesto contract
  • Added tests for handling ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155
  • Added Optimism Testnet
  • Made the NFT contract upgradeable
  • Made the NFT metadata dynamic (updatable)


  • DAO membership NFTS (ERC-721)
  • On-chain voting system (Governor)
  • Members vote to add or ban a member
  • Easy to config, deploy and run
  • Fully compatible with Tally
  • Extreme composability/modularity
  • Upgradeable governance settings