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Welcome! ✨

Gov is a DAO framework built with Open Zeppelin’s Governor contract in combination with NFTs. It provides a coordination tool that fits the needs of everyday people.

We’re inviting orgs, federations of orgs, activists, neighborhoods, stewards of the commons, collectives, and all communities to create their own DAO. The Web3 Hackers Collective has recently released the beta version of Gov. We want to run a series of pilots and focus on the impact evaluation process of each DAO.

Gov is fully compatible with Tally. We use it to submit proposals and vote.

Also, we have successfully tested Medusa (Arbitrum Goerli Testnet only for now). This allows anyone to share a document that only the members can decrypt.

Deploy your own DAO

You can find the deployment checklist here. Once you decided about (1) your mission statement, (2) the types of proposals you expect, and (3) the vote settings, we can take an hour to deploy your DAO to the network of your choice. Feel very free to contact Julien directly via Element, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or LinkedIn.

Deploy your own DAO


DAO membership NFTS

The membership of your DAO is represented by an NFT. One person, one vote. These NFTs can be viewed as ‘membership cards’. They’re customizable: you can submit a proposal to modify the metadata of your NFT.

On-chain voting system

Open Zeppelin’s Governor contract defines the voting rules: it allows members to cast a their vote, it counts the votes and execute the proposal if successful.

Members vote to add or ban a member

You can add or ban a member of the DAO by submitting a proposal.

Easy to config, deploy and run

Gov is one of the easiest existing way to launch a secure and scalable DAO.

Fully compatible with Tally

You can use Tally to monitor your DAO, submit proposal and vote.

Extreme composability/modularity

The Governor contract allows us to trigger custom on-chain actions. When you deploy a Solidity contract and transfer its ownership to the Gov, the DAO is the only entity allowed to interact with functions marked onlyOwner. The plugins are optional functionalities you can add to your DAO.

Upgradeable governance settings

You can upgrade the voting parameters by a community vote. Learn more about the vote settings.

Networks support

We’re currently supporting the following networks:

  • Optimism Mainnet
  • Gnosis Chain Mainnet
  • Celo Mainnet
  • Ethereum Goerli Testnet
  • Optimism Goerli Testnet
  • Arbitrum Goerli Testnet
  • Celo Alfajores Testnet
  • Base Goerli Testnet
  • Gnosis Chain Testnet
  • Mantle Testnet

Github repositories

Have a look at our current to-do list